Monday, 22 February 2010

Trampolines, Lego and the colour blue

My week last week has been filled with little boys, varying in all ages from 3 to 13. My nephews came to stay for half term, and boy Oh boy did we pack activities in!! Two of the highlights being bouncing on trampolines for over 40 minutes and a massive Lego competition set by none other than Stephanie Bateman-Sweet. A delicious afternoon tea was provided before hand by Sarah Tyssen Stephanie, and myself and then we sat back still sipping tea and putting the world to rights watching as the group of boys sprawled before us on the carpet constructed the most fantastic array of Lego creations ever imaginable. Marvellous! I am glad to say that each participant won in his category, so there were no disappointments and no stamping of feet.

I've still been mulling over this big piece. Tomorrow however I begin it with the final drawing. Preliminary sketches were tentatively made a couple of weeks ago when I had the first initial idea of my girl swimming beneath the sea with seals. I only draw using a black felt pen, drawing with it onto big pieces of white cartridge paper which I then cut up and reassemble in collage form until all the placing of the composition is pleasing, usually knowing as I draw what colours I am going to use in the piece, but I don't use any colour at all in the drawing, I save that delicious aspect of making until I start to sew, choosing the colours as I go, following the pattern that is in my head and the reference drawing that is on my studio wall. I can't wait to start sewing once more, and the only colours that want to use are..........................different shades of blue.

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