Saturday, 25 April 2009

Photographs and Exhibitions

The last day of the photographs for the book happened this week, a good productive day. All the projects for the book beautifully styled and shot by our next meeting is to go through the shots and start to place them into the text. Can't wait. Cesca is a delight to work with.

I spent yesterday afternoon making Angels Wings for the 20 wingless Angels I have patiently waiting in a large paper page on the top shelf in my studio. (On the shelf, it's true) getting them all ready for the Brighton annual event in May, which I am very excited about being included in this year- -Brighton Open House Artists trail, the house I am exhibit hing in is: Art Holistic 1 The Old Church Hall, 15 Ditchling Rise Brighton, BN1 4QL.

Along with my Angels I am going to have Machine Embroidery bird and sea themed pieces, framed and unframed, hopefully a nice mix.

Then later in May I am exhibiting at the Craft Experience Fair at Fawley Court Henley on Thames stand no. H15 so at present its all go, go, go!! I have an idea of how I want my stand to look, and want to make a few more pieces epically to take to Henley.

I hope I can make all these new ideas happen.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

This piece of graffiti knitting has appeared outside the studio, it is quite marvelous, I have been watching people smiling at it as they pass by and little children running up to it to stroke it, i heard one child ask her mum, "do you think it's been put on the post to keep it warm?"

I have been here there and everywhere for the last two weeks and now I am back in the studio and about to begin some new pieces and can't wait.

I spent two very productive days with a very nice woman who is taking the photographs for the book and I am very excited about her approach and thinking of the way in which she works.
The photographs are going to be even better than I hoped which has filled me with delight and excitement. There are still more photographs to take and a day this week has been penciled in.

I have five runner bean seedlings up so far, fantastic.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Friday, 3 April 2009

Beautiful Blossom

The tree in the garden at the studio is just so beautiful at present that I just had to capture it, we are unsure of what tree it is, but think it is an ornamental cherry tree, it's full of nut, seeds and fatty balls for all the park birds, which this cold winter there has been lots of. We have blue tits in our bird box, so all in all garden life is very exciting. Our lovely gardener is doing a wonderful job in getting the garden to look fabulous, and easy to run about in for all our workshop children.

I've been making pieces for the Brighton festival, open house exhibition and The Craft experience Fair Fawley House in Henley-on-Thames. Both events in May, with a couple more commissions mixed in, a nice mix and good projects to get my teeth into. I 've been working one one of my favourite themes-the sea, and I am having a very happy time sewing away.
I feel so much happier with the longer lighter evenings and some sunshine, it's warmer and people are friendlier, all very very welcome.