Wednesday, 31 August 2011

It seems as though autumn is really on its way, there is truly a nip in the early morning air and the trees are starting to look tired in green and are turning to the palest russets and ochres.
I have spied freshly fallen conkers, and was excited to break open one of the spiky husks and hold the lovely new reddy brown nut in my palm. But, I'm not ready to let go of summer just yet, I haven't had enough sunshine, I want to stay bare legged and sandaled for a bit longer, and I'm going to try my hardest to do so!

Runing in the Leaves

Monday, 22 August 2011

I can't believe what another whistle stop tour I've just had. Firstly (which now seems an age ago)to The festival of Quilts which was just wonderful. A true visual feast of pure loveliness, I so enjoyed myself epically in the shops, my cache of sequins a very big highlight in the visit, then camping with my sister and family in Dorset, wonderful until the torrential rain fell on the day we were packing up, I however did chuckle as on arriving home to open up my boot where I found a waterfall cascading from my tent as I pulled it out, and then back into the car and off to East Kent where I spent a very lovely day with some members from the East Kent Embroiderers Guild, and an extremely lovely day (in sunshine) was had by all as we merrily embroidered the day away.
Crammed also into this time I spent an afternoon sewing knitted corsages together at home in the sunshine accompanied of course by Maurice, Bigone had taken himself down the garden in disgust of such a girlie activity.
Now I'm back in the studio and catching my breath, getting ready to continue to embroiderer a collection of pieces for the Autumn and Christmas sales and exhibitions which are hurdling themselves towards me at a rate of knots. Oh, but I can't wait!

East Kent Branch of the Embroiderers' Guild

A Bed of Roses

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

This piece is hot off my sewing machine, initially I'm very pleased with it. It always takes a little time for me to get used to the new pieces even though I have made them myself. I am very pleased with the colours, I love that lavender blue colour. We have very fragrant lavender in the garden at the studio, the heady scent is wonderful, and the bees go mad for it.
I'm now working on a couple by the seaside, with terns flying about and one tern in her arms, again another piece in blue. I am just indulging myself at present, and loving it!

Lavender Blue

Sunday, 7 August 2011

On the last day of our four day Pictorial Machine Embroidery course at Oxford Summer School I asked everyone to hold up what that had made, and here is the wealth of all that hard work!
A big thank you to everyone who came and made the course so enjoyable. It truly was a delight and a treat to be amongst such a wonderful group of fantastic stitchers and fantastic women.

Oxford Summer School 2011