Saturday, 26 January 2013

Crochet and Foxes

I had three and a half weeks out and away from the studio for Christmas. It was a difficult present to give myself, but the overwhelming feeling of guilt at taking so much time off payed out big time in feeling refreshed, revitalised,  and full of new ideas and projects for the new year ahead back in the studio.
I had a lovely time meeting up with family and friends and just being with lovely people eating and drinking and enjoying the feeling of being full up and happy. Projects were accomplished in the holiday time too, one of them being a crocheted blanket for my niece which I started in September - on a glorious  sunny weekend sitting in my parents garden with a bag of new wool and new to me scraps, the deadline date being Christmas and my kind Mum helped me with the start of it as we crocheted as quick as we could my lovely Dad talked us through the newspaper and his take on the world today as the garden blackbirds serenaded us through the afternoon.
The other project which has been in my head a long time is Foxy. I've had a gentle fascination of foxes for a long time now, since childhood when I met a big dog fox on a path, we looked at each other and he skipped away back to his work and me to mine. For the last four years I've been saving Maurice and Big Ones discarded whiskers which they have both kindly left at their feeding station and on their blanket for me, I put my idea of Foxy and the whiskers together and this is what I've made, and I'm very pleased. At the studio almost all of my work is flat, pictures and I love so much what I make, but sometimes I have an overwhelming desire to make in 3D, hence my blankets, Angels and now Foxy.