Sunday, 22 August 2010

My little quilt sample

Guess where I have been?

I have had just the most wonderful time at The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham. It was my first ever visit, and I loved every moment of it. I went with my friend Rebecca Ball who herself is a very talented quilt maker and maker of the curious. curious things (see lovely links list) It was her who encouraged me to go. She is a very passionate maker, her work is just divine.
At the show, I loved it all. I loved the atmosphere, the buzz of excitement, makers quilts, the shops. Everything!
I saw so many people that I know, the cross over from embroidery to quilting can be such a fine stitch line, after all it's all still sewing, just in different ways.
It was a very fantastic positive experience. I enjoyed very much being a visitor and soaking it all up, with time to look, observe and react, and I am already looking forward to going next year, I think I would really like to be a student at one of the many workshops that run there. Just a taster for an hour or so.
It's something that I have never done-make a quilt, I have never had the confidence to make one, thinking of all the mathematical calculations that one has to do first, but as Rebecca pointed out "you can just make a strip quilt, it doesn't have to be by hand you can make it on your machine, with scraps of fabric" and I felt a light go on in my head and it all made perfect sense.
So here it is my first ever little quilt, as the professionals say "I have just pieced together the top"

Saturday, 14 August 2010

I have called the piece about a lady and her blackbird, "My blackbird friend" a simple, gentle piece, which I enjoyed making very much.
I so love the blackbirds song, wherever I am and whatever I am doing I never tire of hearing the beautiful tune.

There is now, just today I feel, an autumnal feel to the air. I'm not ready for August to stop and September to begin, a few weeks ahead yet I know, but I don't want the summer to end. I love being in sandals with bare legs and it being warm indoors and out.
I think knowing that the seasons are about to change has made me skip ahead a season or two and begin a piece which is quite big and about the snow, crisp and white with little splashes of bright colour and a fox in the background. There are two figures in the foreground and the lady has a rabbit in her pocket and I think I may put another little creature in her arms. I think I may also mull this piece over a bit, and dip in and out of it, taking my time with the making of it.

Barking Mad

Our two weeks of children's summer workshops have finished.
The studios Light box in the garden was full of children all busy making, excited chatter would escape from the building every so often and then a crackle of silent concentration could be felt as tricky cutting, sticking and the final negotiating of stitching was achieved to create wonderful, individual and unique creations.
I made sock dogs with a group of very talented little stitchers.

My blackbird friend

Sock Dogs

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Beginings and Endings

Thank you for all your kind wishes about Maurice. I am very pleased to say he has settled back into his home very well, his gashes are healing and he is putting on weight.
Big One has finally come around to the homecoming lad and has stopped his hissing, spitting and growling. Poor Big One, sharing is very hard.
I have finished two commission pieces and am currently awaiting my framer, who is awaiting his supplier. I can't wait to see the pieces in their respective frames. Looking clean and crisp and new. All ready to send to the clients who have commissioned them and have been very patient in waiting for their pieces - very exciting.
It is a funny feeling when pieces have been made. Once the work is in its frame it becomes whole and complete and I can detach myself from it. (to a certain extent) They have then become themselves I can can let the work go.

My first piece for Origin 23rd - 20th September which is being held at Old Spitalfields Market London E1 has been made, I have called it "An Afternoon Away".
The first piece of a new collection for a show is I think, the hardest to be made, the first step.
I haven't made a piece about a girl lying on a blanket for ages.
I now want to make a piece about a girl and a blackbird, I've been mulling this theme over for a few months now, like I did with the girl on her blanket. With each new piece the same feelings come over me, every time, excitement and nervousness and hoping and hoping that the piece will work and eventually become its own.

An Afternoon Away