Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Beginings and Endings

Thank you for all your kind wishes about Maurice. I am very pleased to say he has settled back into his home very well, his gashes are healing and he is putting on weight.
Big One has finally come around to the homecoming lad and has stopped his hissing, spitting and growling. Poor Big One, sharing is very hard.
I have finished two commission pieces and am currently awaiting my framer, who is awaiting his supplier. I can't wait to see the pieces in their respective frames. Looking clean and crisp and new. All ready to send to the clients who have commissioned them and have been very patient in waiting for their pieces - very exciting.
It is a funny feeling when pieces have been made. Once the work is in its frame it becomes whole and complete and I can detach myself from it. (to a certain extent) They have then become themselves I can can let the work go.

My first piece for Origin 23rd - 20th September which is being held at Old Spitalfields Market London E1 has been made, I have called it "An Afternoon Away".
The first piece of a new collection for a show is I think, the hardest to be made, the first step.
I haven't made a piece about a girl lying on a blanket for ages.
I now want to make a piece about a girl and a blackbird, I've been mulling this theme over for a few months now, like I did with the girl on her blanket. With each new piece the same feelings come over me, every time, excitement and nervousness and hoping and hoping that the piece will work and eventually become its own.

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