Saturday, 14 August 2010

I have called the piece about a lady and her blackbird, "My blackbird friend" a simple, gentle piece, which I enjoyed making very much.
I so love the blackbirds song, wherever I am and whatever I am doing I never tire of hearing the beautiful tune.

There is now, just today I feel, an autumnal feel to the air. I'm not ready for August to stop and September to begin, a few weeks ahead yet I know, but I don't want the summer to end. I love being in sandals with bare legs and it being warm indoors and out.
I think knowing that the seasons are about to change has made me skip ahead a season or two and begin a piece which is quite big and about the snow, crisp and white with little splashes of bright colour and a fox in the background. There are two figures in the foreground and the lady has a rabbit in her pocket and I think I may put another little creature in her arms. I think I may also mull this piece over a bit, and dip in and out of it, taking my time with the making of it.

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