Sunday, 25 October 2009

I was in Maidenhead on Friday with a lovely group of stitchers who had asked me to hold a workshop for them. They were a fantastic group to be amongst, knowledgeable , lively talented and all very competent with their machines.
A project idea was set for the day and off they all went on their own journeys with their ideas and their individual styles. The pieces that were produced were exquisite, a delightful array of machine embroideries, each one made with care and a love of sewing, colour, texture and the delight and excitement of being together as a group again. we had a tear and share lunch with much laughter.
I felt very honoured to be asked to join them for the day, it was such a great day and I came away with the warm feeling of just how magical it is to be with friends and like minded people and to spend ones times sewing.
sadly I forgot to take my camera, so I do not have a visual record of the day.

I have been working with fabric in my spare time at home, patting about a few ideas. Its lovely to work with fabric for a change, although its very difficult to work when one of your cats has decided that warm sunshine on an already warm ironing board is so much nicer than sharing a chair with your fellow cat mate in a sunny summer house.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Origin and back again

Origin was a great week. Amongst the whole experience I met lots of people, saw old friends, talked about my work, chatted about embroidery in general, had lunch every day from Marks and Spencer, and made sales. All in all a very successful time.
I was of course when I returned home and then back to the studio completely exhausted. I am now rearing to go sewing again and have an abundance of new ideas, a good job really as my next fair The Country Living Magazine Christmas Fair is only 3 weeks away!
I feel as though I have been in doors for such a long time that I am longing to be in the garden over the weekend and aim to be pottering about with autumn colours and spending a bit of time beneath that lovely blue October sky.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

I am all packed for Origin, everything is stacked and labeled. I am very excited about hanging all the pieces together and seeing for once how they all look together and how the pieces will be received.

My work has been written about in the Origin Catalogue by one of the Origin selection panel C J Lim. What he says is very complementary there is also a picture "Oh, which one to choose" what a lovely start to the fair before I even get there.