Sunday, 25 October 2009

I was in Maidenhead on Friday with a lovely group of stitchers who had asked me to hold a workshop for them. They were a fantastic group to be amongst, knowledgeable , lively talented and all very competent with their machines.
A project idea was set for the day and off they all went on their own journeys with their ideas and their individual styles. The pieces that were produced were exquisite, a delightful array of machine embroideries, each one made with care and a love of sewing, colour, texture and the delight and excitement of being together as a group again. we had a tear and share lunch with much laughter.
I felt very honoured to be asked to join them for the day, it was such a great day and I came away with the warm feeling of just how magical it is to be with friends and like minded people and to spend ones times sewing.
sadly I forgot to take my camera, so I do not have a visual record of the day.

I have been working with fabric in my spare time at home, patting about a few ideas. Its lovely to work with fabric for a change, although its very difficult to work when one of your cats has decided that warm sunshine on an already warm ironing board is so much nicer than sharing a chair with your fellow cat mate in a sunny summer house.

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  1. Our cat tends to believe that the car seat is in fact truly a Cat Throne which lives in the garage. What else could it possibly be for other than as a soft warm place for her Highness of our house to be honored and exalted.

    After all, that is why you got the ironing board out. Isn't it? :)