Friday, 29 October 2010

I'm back from the Great Northern Craft fair in Manchester, which was a very positive experience. My work was received very well, I met some wonderful people, had sales, commissions, ate at Carluccio's and I really enjoyed spending time with Sarah Tyssen and her beautiful work, what more could I ask for? My next event is The Country Living Magazine Christmas Fair which is held at The Business Design Centre in Islington London. November 10th - 14th
Now I'm back to my studio and I can't stop making tiny pieces for tiny frames! My space which I share with Jill is so cluttered with all our stuff spilling out everywhere in an organized untidy tidy manor that I wonder if psychologically feel so hemmed in and so therefore can only make small things in my small space, or maybe I should stop navel gazing and pull out that poor big Fox piece that I started weeks ago and just pull up my socks and carry on!

Beach Chase

Friday, 15 October 2010

Shall I?

New Fair and Old Friends

I have neglected my blog terribly in the last few weeks, I truly don't mean to, but I just haven't been able to keep all the balls up in the air at once! Too much on all at the same time, and as I have fallen victim to some hum- dingers of migraine's, (I wouldn't wish them upon anyone) I am currently very reluctant to work at full pelt all the time. Something had to give and it was temporarily my blogging.
On Wednesday Sarah Tyssen and I drive together to Manchester to The Great Northern Craft Fair where we are both exhibiting our work. at spinningfields, M3 3AQ It's a fair that neither of us have exhibited at before and we are looking forward to the experience very much. (note the royal we) So hence, all my time and energy has been put into making new pieces for the event, and I have just loved making all the new little pieces.
Some of them are unframed pieces, mounted onto pale cream card and some of them are also mounted onto card and then framed in a pale natural wood frame, and Oh my, am I pleased with them, thrilled in fact. As described by the lovely Michael "A little bit of joy in a frame"
I wonder what beautiful delights Sarah will have with her, ooh, I can't wait.

Happy Cat

Saturday, 2 October 2010

I have spent the week with 220 other crafts people at Origin - the London Craft Fair in Spitalfields Market in East London, the show looked fantastic and I had a great week. I stayed with my friend Janet and we spent the evenings talking textiles and everything to do with making textiles, fantastic! Now I am back in my studio sorting out and putting all the components to my exhibition booth back again (including the blue tack) and starting to sew again, which is just delightful.
It may be a little early to be making pieces about a Robin in the snow, but I couldn't help myself. The piece I started making about a Fox in the Snow, is a very big piece and I've put it on hold, hence the little Robin! My head is also full of all the autumn leaves that are falling from the big horse chestnut tree outside the studio, and I want to make some more autumn leave pieces too and wind swept beaches, ooh, how the changing seasons change my work.