Saturday, 2 October 2010

I have spent the week with 220 other crafts people at Origin - the London Craft Fair in Spitalfields Market in East London, the show looked fantastic and I had a great week. I stayed with my friend Janet and we spent the evenings talking textiles and everything to do with making textiles, fantastic! Now I am back in my studio sorting out and putting all the components to my exhibition booth back again (including the blue tack) and starting to sew again, which is just delightful.
It may be a little early to be making pieces about a Robin in the snow, but I couldn't help myself. The piece I started making about a Fox in the Snow, is a very big piece and I've put it on hold, hence the little Robin! My head is also full of all the autumn leaves that are falling from the big horse chestnut tree outside the studio, and I want to make some more autumn leave pieces too and wind swept beaches, ooh, how the changing seasons change my work.

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  1. Hello Linda. Hoping that your migraines have left and that you will feel fine for your upcoming fair.

    I tried to leave a message on this particular post when it appeared, but perhaps forgot to click some button! I'd wanted to say how lovely it is to learn that you know Janet Bolton. I first encountered her unique way with fabric and thread many years ago at a designer's show held (I think) in the Kensington Town Hall. It was wonderful to chat with her, and years later I had another opportunity at one of the early Country Living Magazine fairs. Please do pass along my continued compliments to her.

    Each of you are true artists. Best wishes.