Wednesday, 30 September 2009


My big pieces are now in their frames and all bubble wrapped and stacked, ready for Origin. They look so different when in their frames, complete, and ready to be viewed.
I feel a little nervous about them going up onto the walls, they have been with me for a good few weeks now, a couple of them I do not want to part with.
However, I am very excited about seeing them up on show, all together. My new collection.
My little pieces are on their pieces of card and cellophane wrapped, in a cardboard box and like my framed pieces they are all waiting.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Book draft ahoy!!

The first draft of my book has arrived, it looks fantastic! beautiful photographs, Cesca the wonderful photographer really knew what she was doing, her styling throughout each photograph is just magical.
I am really pleased with the little changes that have been made on it by the editor, the typeface is easy to read and the content, well wait and see!

In between making the changes on my book I am finishing off my collection for Origin.
All the little jobs which one thinks will take no time at all, always take the longest time. I so want to make a little bird piece and so hope that I will have enough time to do so. I have a little bird fluttering around in my head and I want to get him out and into a piece of embroidery before the foxes get him, as my head up to now has been full of foxes, running in the snow, hiding in the trees. I have never made pieces about foxes up untill now, its very exciting.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Colouricious Television Programme

Here is information about the television programme my work and I are going to be on, it will take you to face book and there is a photograph of me, I am the one who looks looking as though she is counting up sums on her fingers. The first episode is going to be on 14th October- Country Channel tv and sky 171

I have been away teaching on a South east Regional Embroiderers Guild Summer School Weekend at Earnley which is on the coast near to Selsey Bill. Lovely students, all of whom had such a wonderful sense of fun and a great amount of talent about them. We had a great time all busily stitching away producing delightful Machine Embroidery pieces, very satisfying.
The next weekend was taken up with being at the studio on the Saturday and then getting up at 5.15am on the Sunday to spread my treasures/rubbish at our local car book, again a very satisfying weekend. I loved watching all the people at the car book. Such a wonderful mixture of all sorts!

My new pieces for Origin Week Two 13th-18th October stand No. B1 are coming along slowly but surely, I am very excited about what I am making. At the moment I am making little animal pieces, in the snow, in the autumn leaves, at the sea-side - lovely.
Tomorrow I must begin a drawing for a client about her family and their home, I have been mulling it over for a while now, and now I want to begin it. The finished piece is for Christmas time, so I have time to play with and time to make. I hate making clients wait for either their drawings or their pieces, but sometimes you just have to wait yourself until it is the right time for you to begin making. It feels somewhat selfish but in my heart I know it is the right thing to do. if I rush into it, the piece will just not come out right.