Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Book draft ahoy!!

The first draft of my book has arrived, it looks fantastic! beautiful photographs, Cesca the wonderful photographer really knew what she was doing, her styling throughout each photograph is just magical.
I am really pleased with the little changes that have been made on it by the editor, the typeface is easy to read and the content, well wait and see!

In between making the changes on my book I am finishing off my collection for Origin.
All the little jobs which one thinks will take no time at all, always take the longest time. I so want to make a little bird piece and so hope that I will have enough time to do so. I have a little bird fluttering around in my head and I want to get him out and into a piece of embroidery before the foxes get him, as my head up to now has been full of foxes, running in the snow, hiding in the trees. I have never made pieces about foxes up untill now, its very exciting.

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