Saturday, 19 December 2009

Monday, 14 December 2009

The home run

All my fairs and commissioned pieces are over and completed. It now feels like the home run to Christmas!

I have made the two big commission pieces that I needed to be ready for Christmas, and I hope very much that they are liked and enjoyed by the clients who commissioned them.

One of the pieces I have just finished was a very complicated piece background wise. I didn't want the background to take over and dominate as it was a busy garden scene. I wanted the figures to stand out clear, it was very taxing and kept me on my toes. I'm so pleased to say that I am delighted with how the piece has come out. I can't believe that I have made it, I hope the clients like what I have made for them.
Commissions are so much harder to make, so much more is at stake. There is sometimes a little nagging doubt in the back of ones mind that the client will not like what you have made for them, even though they know and like your work (why else would they want a piece, if not so?) but that little doubt goes on worrying away. In a way I welcome it, It means that one has not become complacent about ones work, that one continues to try ones hardest to please. Commissions are a much harder way of working. But you learn so much more because you are trying out new ideas and different ways in which to solve the problems within a piece of work, as you go along.

I'm excited about the Christmas Holidays! I'm excited about seeing our families and our friends, I'm excited about being at home, epically spending well earned time with the ever patient Michael. I crave the walks we plan to do, about being out and about in the fresh air and having time to do other things than my work, a rest that's what I need, isn't that what we all need as we head towards the end of 2009 and the Christmas festivities?
I wonder how many of us will have a rest with the thought and planing of a certain large feast with family and friends that is looming! at least it will be a different kind of work!

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

The last day

Today I am beetling over to Sarah Tyssens Weaving House with a lemon drizzle cake in tow as my work is being exhibited in her house. It is the last day of her open house art and craft sale. The house is quite beautiful, made entirely of wood and built purely in the Arts and Crafts movement era as a weaving house, it is only apt that she should carry on the tradition of weaving there.
Her work is sumptuous, soft muted colours of the moors and heath lands beautiful woven into scarves and throws. There is a good selection of other crafts work there, nicely mixed and arranged by the Magazine journalist and stylist Stephanie Bateman Sweet, who has a reel flair for design and and an intrinsic eye for layout and placing objects of desire.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Rose Cottage

Last Friday and Saturday I was invited to exhibit my pieces at Jan Guest's Christmas at Rose Cottage She is kind, welcoming and thoughtful, modest and full of praise for other artists, a delight to be amongst. Her work is all about the sea. Sculptures and wall pieces in soft blues and greys, incorporating found objects with her made ceramics, entwined and beautifully placed. I love her work, gentle and humorous, although looking at her work it makes me homesick for the sea which is why I was so thrilled when she kindly gave me a piece.