Friday, 29 October 2010

I'm back from the Great Northern Craft fair in Manchester, which was a very positive experience. My work was received very well, I met some wonderful people, had sales, commissions, ate at Carluccio's and I really enjoyed spending time with Sarah Tyssen and her beautiful work, what more could I ask for? My next event is The Country Living Magazine Christmas Fair which is held at The Business Design Centre in Islington London. November 10th - 14th
Now I'm back to my studio and I can't stop making tiny pieces for tiny frames! My space which I share with Jill is so cluttered with all our stuff spilling out everywhere in an organized untidy tidy manor that I wonder if psychologically feel so hemmed in and so therefore can only make small things in my small space, or maybe I should stop navel gazing and pull out that poor big Fox piece that I started weeks ago and just pull up my socks and carry on!

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