Wednesday, 4 November 2009

What a mad couple of weeks it has been!! I have been madly creating new pieces to take to the Country Living Magazine Christmas Fair which opens next Wednesday! I am very pleased with my fabric sewing accessories that I have been busily putting together. I also have new little framed machine embroideries, some new unframed pieces and lots of surprises. Very exciting.

I have made a winter collection of six small framed pieces to go into the Discover Centres Gallery to accompany the Making Merry Open Studios later on this month that The Colour Factory is involved with. I must admit that I love visitors coming into our building to visit our shop/gallery area, but I loath visitors wanting to come into my space, it makes me shudder. Creating is such a personal occupation, I really don't like to be seen in the making process. Once my work is finished I don't mind who views it or what is said about it, but when making it I need my private space.

My lovely husband Michael had his composed piece of music for the PM programme for the "up shares down shares" slot played on Radio 4 last Monday, a very exciting afternoon. I am very proud of him.

The colour rough for the book has arrived and Sunday has been the designated day that I shall go through it with of course Michael's help. It looks wonderful, Cesca's photographs just stand out as truly magnificent pictures, just beautiful. She makes my work look scrumptious. I can't thank her enough.

Tomorrow the madness of trying to get everything finished in time for the calm and gentle packing everything up on Friday and then the weekend for our invitation to our dear friends bonfire party! Hurray!

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  1. Just watched Talking Threads with you as the 'star'. What a delight! Really enjoyed this.