Monday, 23 November 2009

On view

What a packed couple of weeks it has been, so much so I have not had a minute to update my blog until now.
I have been to London exhibiting my new pieces at the Country living Magazine Christmas Fair, my friend Graham Hollick installed me in his wonderful house and looked after me a treat, he cooked the most wonderful baked cheese cake which we managed to eek out over the week with very generous portions, we did consider also eating it for breakfast but decided that maybe was a bit excessive.
The fair is massive and one feels like a very small fish in a huge glass bowl with all eyes on ones self, my new pieces were very well received and all the hard work I had put in to the collection really paid off, people were very kind with their comments and praises of my work, which I always find very humbling. One woman even came into my both and burst into tears because she found the images in my work so moving, I was really lost for words and just smiled at her not knowing what else to do, my work usually makes people smile, I'm not ready for tears.

After Country Living it was to Brighton to the MADE Fair, I traveled with my friend Sarah Tyssen and along with catching up with news, colour ways, wonderful textiles in general, what we had eaten and what we were about to eat, we settled into the fair and once more had our works very well received. We had dinner one night at Carluccio's which was just heavenly and each day had early morning coffee and pastries from there also, if you find yourself in Brighton in Church Street then pop into Carluccio's for a delicious treat.

I have a couple of days at home before the next exhibition, even though I am working all the time to keep up, I love it! I love the making of new things, the nervous tension that excites one of trying out new colours and forms, of putting into practice new ideas within new pieces, the sheer delight of the finished piece within it's frame, all ready to be presented.

The television programme that I have been included in " Talking Threads " has been aired, and I have had many positive comments, people have been very excited that at last there is a textile programme on television, celebrating the love and joy of making textiles, all I can say is at last! and if my small contribution to the programme is that I can encourage someone to begin stitching then I am really really pleased.

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