Monday, 22 August 2011

I can't believe what another whistle stop tour I've just had. Firstly (which now seems an age ago)to The festival of Quilts which was just wonderful. A true visual feast of pure loveliness, I so enjoyed myself epically in the shops, my cache of sequins a very big highlight in the visit, then camping with my sister and family in Dorset, wonderful until the torrential rain fell on the day we were packing up, I however did chuckle as on arriving home to open up my boot where I found a waterfall cascading from my tent as I pulled it out, and then back into the car and off to East Kent where I spent a very lovely day with some members from the East Kent Embroiderers Guild, and an extremely lovely day (in sunshine) was had by all as we merrily embroidered the day away.
Crammed also into this time I spent an afternoon sewing knitted corsages together at home in the sunshine accompanied of course by Maurice, Bigone had taken himself down the garden in disgust of such a girlie activity.
Now I'm back in the studio and catching my breath, getting ready to continue to embroiderer a collection of pieces for the Autumn and Christmas sales and exhibitions which are hurdling themselves towards me at a rate of knots. Oh, but I can't wait!

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  1. onwards and upwards... Good luck with it all. Lovely things. Helen