Sunday, 19 April 2009

This piece of graffiti knitting has appeared outside the studio, it is quite marvelous, I have been watching people smiling at it as they pass by and little children running up to it to stroke it, i heard one child ask her mum, "do you think it's been put on the post to keep it warm?"

I have been here there and everywhere for the last two weeks and now I am back in the studio and about to begin some new pieces and can't wait.

I spent two very productive days with a very nice woman who is taking the photographs for the book and I am very excited about her approach and thinking of the way in which she works.
The photographs are going to be even better than I hoped which has filled me with delight and excitement. There are still more photographs to take and a day this week has been penciled in.

I have five runner bean seedlings up so far, fantastic.

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