Monday, 1 February 2010

February Animals and a still life.

So now we are in February!! I have finished two dogs running in a park and now need to finish the 63 animal templates that need sewing up. The animals are in preparation for children's workshops and I hope the children like them as much as I have choosing the fabric combinations and cutting them out.
There is something so exciting about cutting new cotton fabric that is crisp and responds well to the scissor blade and then the stacking of the cut pieces to make towers of random and abstract colours. The fabrics which I chose are a wonderful mix of cottons and linens in colours of buff ,burgundy, red and green, stripes and floral designs.
Each little animal will be ready and waiting to be turned inside out and be decorated by its new owner, and each new potential owner will have his/her new own creature feature to adorn with stitch, beads buttons fabric applique and love and then to carry home knowing that they made it themselves, very satisfying all round!

I spent Saturday in Solihull with The Genesis Textile Group. What a wonderful, clever, generous and inspiring group they are. There is nothing nicer than being in a room of like minded people all sewing and creating stitched pieces together.
The workshop day was 'drawing with your machine' a huge still life was set up and the group added there own chosen objects to it and then they began to draw what they saw before them with the needle of their sewing machines, using only one colour thread, after lunch colour was added.
The drawings and pictures that they all produced were truly magnificent, and I was so pleased for them, everything they made were pieces to be truly proud of.

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