Sunday, 14 February 2010

Party Party Party!

It's been one big social whirl in the studio! Children's birthday parties! one after another, children of all ages busily making delightful creations in our Light Box building with cake and party food at the end of their party. The most wonderful things have been made from felted jewellery, get stuffed creature features, bags and sock monkeys. I have loved helping them but have been truly exhausted by the end! Amy our wonderful workshop helper has helped me throughout, she wants to be a primary school teacher when she leaves college and I think she will make a great and fine teacher, she is lovely with the children, gentle, enthusiastic and encouraging-just what you need when you are having trouble threading your needle for the third time.

Because of all the birthday Parties my own work has slowed down a bit in the last week or so. (with a lot of preparation for each individual party) I am getting a new collection of pieces together for the Landmark Arts Textiles Fair in Teddington which is on Saturday and Sunday 13th and 14th March as well as making and finishing off commissioned pieces which are to be posted this week. I'm still mulling over this first big piece I want to make for the SMILE exhibition at The Gallery Ruthin Craft Centre I really want to start making it, I have that wonderful nervous excited feeling that you get in the anticipation of making something very new which is in the uncharted waters of creativity. The piece has to be finished and ready to be photographed by the end of March, I don't want to let it compete with my new ideas for the Landmark Textiles Fair pieces I want them to run side by side, sometimes it can be so hard juggling projects and keeping everything even and running smoothly and within designated time slots too! But i will try my best and see what happens.

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