Saturday, 27 February 2010

The big piece for Ruthin that I have been mulling over for such a long time was finished today. I have called it "Silkie Smiles" I am very pleased with it, and it was so smooth and easy to make, no headaches, no worries. Even though it is (for me) a big piece 60cm x 35 cm I just relished the feeling of being 'lost' in it as I sewed away.
I now can make some more pieces for the Textiles Fair at Teddington with a clear path.

I visited Market Harborough branch of the embroiders' Guilds on Thursday and gave the group of very lovely members a slide talk about my work. They were a very enthusiastic and responsive group to talk to, and I enjoyed myself very much. I was looked after, and made very welcome by one of the members; Amanda who is not only an enthusiastic embroiderer but a quilter too.
I have been invited back to the Guild later in the summer to give a workshop, I know we will all have a great time.


  1. I admire the grace of your drawing and the skill of your embroidery. I don't know anyone over here in New York who does this sort of work, and have only seen it in photos.

    It's clear that much thought goes well before a single stitch is made.

    Your work is so good!


  2. Thanks for your kind words Frances, I'm glad you are enjoying my work. You are quite right I do think an awful lot and do a great deal of planing before I start to draw and then sew. I do wish my work was quicker to make, but hay-ho!
    happy stitching