Sunday, 15 March 2009

Seedlings ahoy!

I spent last week trying out more new ideas for pieces for the book and only had one disaster out of five so not bad going! It was really good to be sewing away and listening to all the birds singing their hearts out outside in the sunshine, catching lovely song when I stopped the machine every so often to change colour or to put in a new spool. I have again been using new colour combinations, with at times what I think seems to be a 1930's feel.
On Saturday I held a workshop birthday party for girls who had a wonderfully exciting time making delightful pieces and eating birthday cake, all laughing and giggling as only girls can. then home and out with a lovely friend for a big nosh up!!
Today we went up the river for a lovely spring time walk and when we got back home I planted more seeds including geranium's which I have never tried to grow before. I recently saw in a garden centre a display of planted plastic vegetables, with all the seeds and trowels and canes all dotted about the display, enticing one to buy, most peculiar, we seemed to be the only ones who could not understand the relevance of the plastic produce, each piece of plastic veg even had its own bar code sticker. Hope my geraniums are not plastic seeds.

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