Friday, 14 October 2011

I'm all ready for the Festival of Crafts! Everything is finished and boxed and ready to go! A wonderful feeling. I am very pleased with the pieces I am taking. I hope you can come by and say hello.I now can concentrate on finishing off a few things in preparation for the great Northern Craft Fair - Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd October I'm in a dilemma, as happens every so often I've made a piece of work which I am really really pleased with and I selfishly I want to keep it for myself. Work when finished is assessed by me, quality control if you like. No piece is put with into the collection if it is below par, I then put such pieces to one side (an ice cream tub) and they - the cat with too big ears, a dog with a squint, a seagull with a lump on his head -etc are then taken to the Dulwich Workshop Sale which happens early in December and sold as seconds, given a second chance to find a happy home, which happily they usually do. But this new piece, my fascination with blocks of bright white snow and a shock of green trees and light blue sky, this lovely little fox in the snow, A lady Fox as I've called her, oh, what to do. I have pulled her out of the collection and put her to one side for the time being, I so want to keep her, but I need to let her go too, to be free and to find her own way. Oh, what to do!


  1. Beautiful! Hmm what to do indeed. Make two more to go and then keep her. x

  2. Linda, I can see why you do particularly like this embroidery.

    Wouldn't it be grand to let someone else who also feels the same way have the opportunity to have it, look at it every day? Meanwhile, you can already begin to create another wonderful image.

    Just my thought. Cheers!

  3. She's a lovely fox.

    I would love her to come and live with me but as you will see from my blog today i have to try to keep dancing !

    Diane. x