Saturday, 13 June 2009

Workshops and holidays

I have managed to finish off all I wanted to do last week, The new Angels are well on their way and the commissions have been collected, sent and ready to be sent this week to fit in with the clients. I had a successful long day on the book and then in the evening managed to loose the whole lot! I must admit I couldn't help the tears, out of frustration and anger with myself for hitting the wrong button on the keyboard. I remember the days when every thing was written down in long hand, with the only worry being where had it been left, but I also remember the hours spent trying how to find the correct spelling for all the words that needed to be used, I love my spell check!
I have topped up the missing work on the book by writing in the evenings. Not my favourite way of writing as I find the words and ideas do not always come as thick and fast as in the day. Whereas my sewing does, whether day or evening, I can always sew.

I started a new piece yesterday, a piece for myself, well a piece for the new collection for origin The Crafts Council in October at Somerset House, The Strand I just wanted to have a new piece already started because as from a week on Monday I am on holiday. There is no way I am going to have it finished by Monday, but I just wanted a piece ready for me to carry on with when we get back from our travels. Its a lady hurrying along holding a little dog with another dog behind her trying to keep up. I don't yet know whether it is her dog or not which is following her. And I don't know whether is is sunny or raining with them all. I think her coat is going to be light blue.

This coming week I travel to Cornwall as Saturday and Sunday are spent at Cowslip Workshops in Launceston, I am running a two day workshop in Pictorial Machine Embroidery. I am very excited indeed. Cowslip is a wonderfully magical place to be. Run by the lovely Jo Colwil and her husband Stephen. Cowslip as well as runing courses is an Organic Farm with a dairy heard. It hosts a fantastic Cafe and a sumptuous fabric and haberdashery shop, full of everything a textile lover could possible want and desire.
Then I am on holiday for two weeks! and we go away to Wales, were the weather is going to be hot and sunny all the time. We plan to walk, drink in pubs, eat and laugh alot.


  1. "Cowslip as well as ruining courses .."

    Love the typo!

  2. As I write this, I am sure that Linda and her husband will be packing their kit bags with supplies ready for their sunny "tenting" holiday in Wales.
    Myself? Well, I am one of those "students" that Linda has had to deal with over the weekend on her two day workshop at Cowslips. I had the most brilliant time and can honestly say it is one of the best workshop experiences that I have been on. My little Copperband marine fish that I am making (which it will be eventually !!) will happily swim around the clear azure blue waters of the tropics on it's Calico backed sandy shores - and I shall be so proud. So, to Linda - a HUGE thnk you for your patience and brilliance and your constant enthusiasm. To all of you who have not been on one of her workshops - GO !!!!!!!!!!
    Happy Camping - Julie