Sunday, 7 June 2009

Work and Puddings

It's been lovely having our friends to stay, we managed to cram a lot of company into two weeks. Great food and some lovely walks. We heard a Cuckoo one afternoon, saw eels, tiny fry, dinner plate sized trout, herons, yellow iris's, steam trains and had almost a whole train packed with day trippers wave at us from our garden. All in all a very successful time. here is a few of our lovely visitors and friends their web sites and blogs:
Curious Things

Puddings included: cheesecake, sticky toffee pudding, Mrs. Millers old English trifle, fresh fruit salad with almond liqueur, cheese platter and ice cream. (I could eat them individually all over again and then again.)

The children's half term workshops at the studio were great, lots of children making lots of creations, lots of noise and lots of fun. The sun just shone down on us, Jill and I had the children sewing outside - heavenly. More workshops are planned for the beginning of the summer holidays, in I hope more glorious sunshine.

I've been working a long houred week last week and shall again this week. The light in the evenings has a gentleness about it, slightly defused, its a nice light to work in and as long as BBC7 is broadcasting a good Ole murder I am happy to work the evenings away to get my work done. I finished another largish commission and three little ones. They are wrapped and ready to be sent and collected, always a satisfied feeling as they are carefully shrouded in tissue paper ready for their new owner. I cannot allow myself to become sentimental about the pieces that I make, but sometimes I really want to keep them. Each piece finds its own home.
This week amongst the jobs I have planned, I am going to start some new Angels and have another day on the book as well as making an order for a shop.

I am pleased to say that Big One has made a full recovery from his teeth extraction and once again is noshing his way though a huge box of oh so fishy, followed closely behind by Maurice and his slightly more delicate appetite.

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