Saturday, 24 January 2009

New Ideas

It's been a really busy week, with lots of new ideas which I am really excited about. I'm having to be sensible about trying them out as I have other work commitments on and if I mix and match too much it all gets a bit too much!!
I have wanted to make some new jewellery pieces for ages so that's what I have been making this afternoon. Trying out new shapes and colours, in the back of my head the pieces are ideas for projects I am creating for the book I am writing. The book project is allowing me to try out new areas which otherwise I would feel I had not got time to do. (I am making time)
This Monday I am to start a piece for a client, I did the drawings for it this morning, and was not happy with them, I thought the best thing to do was to do something else (hence the jewellery) and not brood. Brooding just makes me panic, and at present I have no time for panicking.

Tomorrow I want to plant my sweet peas in the juice cartons we have been saving as my friend Rebecca says "sweet peas like their roots deep" she should know her sweet peas was magnificent last year. I hope whilst I stand outside tomorrow in the January cold a wave of summer will come over me.

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