Saturday, 31 January 2009

Finishing off and beginings

I have finished the commission piece that I have been working on all week and I am very pleased with it. There was a tricky start to it, so I stopped and started again last Monday. Now I am pleased to say it is in its frame, wrapped, boxed and ready to sent to the client. I am excited to learn what they think of the piece. I hope they like it.
The jewellery pieces are all made, not as exciting as I hoped but still good pieces.
I have started some prototypes of shopping bags and shoe bags, aimed at children. Flowers, footballs, skull and cross bones and cats. I have been making them in the evenings this week at home. Foolishly thinking they would not take me much time!!
At the studio we are going to be holding some children's workshops, in all our chosen different mediums and I feel very strongly about encouraging children to create items in textiles. Probably because I love making and I love textiles. I had such fun as a kid sewing and knitting. I spent my pocket money in the haberdashery shop rather than the sweetshop, the trinkets , buttons, beads, fabrics, threads and yarns were so much more delicious than the sweets that my sister selected from the sweet shop. When it comes to making the bags with the kids I shall say they can use some glue to get the design of their image down before they put some stitch onto it, otherwise the poor things will be there all day and will just think of sewing as slow and heaven for fend-boring. And that will never do.

I am back to the studio tomorrow as we have an awful lot of materials to sort out and stack, labeling as we go, (all for the children's workshops) and Sunday seemed to be a good day to do it. It's quite surprising how much stuff 5 artists can collect and stash, and tomorrow is the big sort out. I hope everyone is in agreement to having the Archers on as we sort.

Now I had better get poor little Maurice his tea before he explodes, no doubt as soon as the Big One hears the mouthwatering sound of the cat sachets being opened he will appear for his tea too.

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