Thursday, 10 May 2012

I have just finished a collection of small framed pieces which I am sending to Ruthin Craft Centre next week and here is a very happy cat! Now today I start a very big commission piece, a lovely garden scene, however I am not letting any of the rain that is pouring down outside into the new piece, although I am going to have lots of fresh sumptuous spring greens in it, I may even slip a little swift in it as ours have just arrived, oh true joy, the real start of summer!


  1. hmmmmm .... almost hear that cat thinking : ... shall we share that fish (what's left of it) and then later .... maybe ...)
    Yeah, know what you mean about the rain, here (Holland) too .... May ! ? Good luck with your garden !!

  2. Hello Linda

    I hope your Hampshire swifts have waterwings! (lol) Here in Northants we have a bit of sun this morning but the fields are still waterlogged.

    Hilary x