Thursday, 2 February 2012

In the last eighteen months on my daily train journey to the studio I've been crocheting hexagons as seen and inspired from the lovely attic 24 blog site, and here finally is my finished blanket! It is truly a riot of colour. My criteria was that I was only going to use yarn I had already (I had been very luck and been given lots independently from two Friends who were both moving houses) of course as soon as I starting my hooky heaven pilgrimage I broke my criteria instantly, how can one resist going into any yarn shop on ones travels and not seeing the perfect coloured yarn for ones blanket!


  1. Truly wonderful! I'd love to make a crocheted blanket some day!

  2. Your hexagon afghan is a triumph! It's always fun to have a crochet project that is inspiring, fun and always seems to require buying more yarn.

    Well, that's how it always seems to me. Cheers!