Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I can't believe we are almost into December, I really feel as though my feet have hit the ground running every day for almost a month!
I have been everywhere with my work, North and South, the fairs have all been different, and all been a joy to be at exhibiting my Machine Embroideries at and meeting the good folk from all over this glorious island. My last one is this Saturday I shall have all my end of lines, seconds, and pieces I have hung onto for far too long-that I really must be brave and let go! there will be bargains to be snapped up!
Remember my lovely Lady Fox? I knew I couldn't be selfish and hold onto her for too long so I set her free at The Country Living Magazine Christmas Fair, and off she scampered with a mischievous skip!

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  1. See you Saturday!!! I will be there with me pinny on slaving for the boys!!