Thursday, 2 June 2011

Jo Colwill kindly put my name forward to show Kirstie Allsopp how to machine embroider onto soluble fabric for Kirstie's new programme to be shown on Channel 4 later on in the autumn. The filming took place in Nottinghill in London a couple of weeks ago.
The whole experience was daunting, terrifying and exciting all at the same time, and now its all over I loved every bit of it! We were taken to London in a silver Range Rover driven by Paul, who was just lovely and very calming. Kirstie Allsopp was very nice indeed and very professional, she and the team made us very welcome, as did Ellie who phoned me everyday leading up to the filming with different schedules, locations and times, so much so that my head spun. I was very glad to go with Jo, we encouraged each other and I hope kept each other calm too. You just never know what's around the corner, each time the telephone rings!

now back with a bump and reality once more, I'm knee deep in making pieces for the orders I took at The British Craft Trade Fair back in April, and I can't believe it's already June!!


  1. Linda

    How exciting!!

    I have to say I am a bit of a Kirstie fan (though it feels very alien!!) and have loved the way she is raising the profile of crafts and craft people.

    Next time we meet I will need your autograph!!


  2. Well done you.
    I've enjoyed Kirstie's programmes so far and love your work so I'll be looking forward to seeing the programme.
    Happy summer.