Sunday, 5 December 2010

I can't believe I haven't blogged for over a month, but I haven't stopped! I know I say that all the time, but it's always true, my little feet have hardly touched the ground. In the last couple of weeks I've been exhibiting at The Country living magazine Christmas Fair, The Brighton Craft Fair - MADE, A house sale in Bosham, Making Merry Open Studios and then this Saturday I'm at The Workshop Sale in Dulwich Lordship Lane! Busy, busy, busy, but I've loved it. (if you want to grab yourself a real bargain come along to the Dulwich Workshop Sale, it's full of end of lines, seconds, old work etc. a genuine affordable feast of delights )

Thank you for all your kind comments and stories, it is always very lovely to hear from you and I am delighted to learn that my work is enjoyed - a true pleasure and you are very welcome.

I love what I do, there are many different sides that make up the whole busy business of my work, some sides it has to be said are much more attractive than others, but you really can't have one without the other.
Some times I have to get away from my work, I can't always see where I'm going and I have to do something else to "rest" whilst new thoughts and directions can then come quite naturally. What I have had great pleasure in making in the evenings over the last week with Big One and Maurice taking it in turns to scorch themselves alive in front of the fire is a Curious Things Patchwork Kit. It was really easy to do and I loved it! our sofa now sports a new cushion made by me in a medium I have never dabbled in before.
Go to my curious things link and have a look at all the different patchwork patterns you can get.

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