Wednesday, 15 September 2010

I have found my way through the trees of panic and have come upon a peaceful glade.
All my work for Origin is made and in it's respective frames, waiting to be bubble wrapped. The unframed pieces are all mounted and cellophane wrapped, priced and waiting in a new cardboard box, my greetings cards are all shiny and new and are in their cardboard box also waiting alongside to be placed in my car on Wednesday when we drive to Spitlafeilds Market. All is in order and I feel calm.
I am very excited to see how all the pieces look when we hang them on Wednesday, in my head my booth is all worked out, but I know the hanging plan will change when I actually see the space. I must remember not to cram them all up.
Today I compile the massive list of all the things I need to remember to take with me to make my collection of work hang and my booth work, therefore lots of foraging around the studio and trying to remember where I put my blue tack! Where did I put my blue tack?

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  1. all the best Linda with Origin and hope you found the Blu Tack,