Monday, 15 March 2010

Teddington and then the sea

My simple cold turned in to a dreadful flu like nasty which layed me low for a week subsequently I stayed at home feeling poorly and tried not to climb the walls with the boredom of feeling too ill to do anything but lay on the sofa watching rubbish daytime TV.
Now I am back in the studio after spending the weekend coughing and exhibiting my work at the Landmark Arts Centre textiles Fair. It was very inspirational to be amongst 70 other textile makers and constantly surrounded by textiles enthusiasts all talking stitch, fabric and the construction of textiles as well as of course the delight of selling ones work!
I did feel very tired at the end of each day but feel much better today.
Whether this has anything to do with the sun being out and having the door (for a time) open to let the fresh air in at the studio I'm not sure, but I feel rearing to go once more. Not, however until I finish the mound of paperwork that is stacked up upon my desk, then and only then can I start another piece about the sea. It is a commission pieces about a girl and her cat. She has long brown wavy hair and I know exactly what colour blue I want to put down behind her, whether it will work or not is another thing. I love the anticipation so much of the time just before I begin a new piece.
Oh, I hope it works out well and looks as good sewn as I imagine it does in my head.

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