Monday, 10 August 2009

Cornwall beaches and thirteen Sock Monkeys

I have just returned from Cornwall. I tried very hard to look at the light and remember the colours around me. Cornwall has a clear true light especially in St Ives. I was staying just outside st Austell and near to The lost Gardens of Helligan. the nearest beach being Caerhays Beach
I had a wonderful time. My favourite time being sitting on the beach in the sunshine, watching the people around me and watching the sea. I miss the sea so much, I think it was growing up by it, it has never left me and think about it everyday. That's why, I am pretty sure that I make so many pieces about it, there is something so mesmerizing about the sea.
I met up with my friend Rebecca www.curiousthings and we had a wonderful walk along a coastal path and watched very noisy stone chats perched on the tops of bushes as we walked and chatted along the path whilst every so long glanced at the spectacular view and of course the sea.

The day after I returned from Cornwall, Jill my studio space share and I held a Sock Monkey workshop for thirteen young people at the Colour Factory Studios The Summer Workshops are all over now until the next holidays, all went away very happy with their Monkeys, and Jill and I relaxed briefly with a cup of tea before the task of tidying everything away!

The piece I started before I went away is now finished along with a couple more pieces and ideas for a collection of "sister pieces" all about the weather- smallish pieces, people and animals all travelling through various weather torn countryside scenes. Of course at present I am making a piece about the sea! Oooh lovely!

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