Tuesday, 12 May 2009

I cannot believe how much I have done since my last posting! so much so that every activity and all my new pieces have just blurred into One!! I feel as though I have achieved a lot and I hope that I have.
More photographs for the book were taken on Monday, sumptuous threads in beautiful pale green and blue bowls, just looking divine.
A new piece 'A run in the Park' the last piece to be made ready for Henley on Thames The Craft and design experience at Fawley Court is in it's frame and all wrapped up. I leave and set up on Thursday, apparently in the poring rain! I am looking forward to seeing how all the work looks together and meeting all the people who come to the fair. I am also very excited about visiting the local Waitrose, not only lovely foot but extremely good decorative and inspiring packaging.
I was in Brighton for the weekend at the house sale which is exhibiting very delicious pieces, i did fly around a couple of other houses, such a fantastic wealth of wonderful work, almost too much to take in.
I have started a new commission piece, an Autumn scene, all russets and ochres, very exciting, big warm coats and scarves and gloves, still seems appropriate at the moment, with this nip in the air, my poor tomatoes and runner beans.
Our cat Big One, had four teeth out today he only has two teeth left, tiny little molars. poor Big One, Maurice has been making the most of being top cat for the day whilst Big One was on the operating slab and has been prancing around, all back to normal now with the pecking order.

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